To be released 2016 by World Terror Committee and Daemon Worship Productions

Temple of the Adversarial Fire
To be released 2017 by World Terror Committee

1. Point Of Ingress (Initiatory Death)
2. The Hungry Omega
3. Elevenfolded Wrath Of Sitra Achra
4. Lord Of Putrefaction
5. The Fires Of Molok
6. Beast Of Lawlessness
7. Faceless Queen Of Bloodstained Dreams
8. Harba di Ashm'dai
9. Ascension Of The Blind Dragon
10. Altar Of Becoming
11. Point Of Egress

Shaarimoth - Current 11

1. Opening
2. Legion of Kingu
3. Utukki Limnuti: - (Summoning of the Seven)
4. 218
5. Incantation of Hubur
6. Flood the Cosmic Gates
7. Current 11
8. It Came from the Desert
9. In the Shadow of Akhkharu
10. Come Mother, Come!
11. Closure


Current 11 -

CD released by Carnal Records

Vinyl released by Temple of Darkness Records (Licensed from Carnal Records)

Tape released by Satanic Propaganda Records (Licensed from Carnal Records)